About Carmine Leo - Personal and Professional Bio

About Carmine Leo - Personal and Professional Bio

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Carmine maintains a thriving private coaching practice, working with individuals, couples, families, professional coaches, teams and organizations applying his unique and proven methodology for enhancing emotional literacy and authentic being through the application of emotional intelligence coaching and training. Since 2001 he has worked successfully coaching and training hundreds of clients from all walks of life and from all over the world, every kind of person from single moms to corporate executives, from ex-Marines and combat vets to musicians and teenage artists, as well as working with corporate clients within organizations such as Raytheon, NASA, IBM, General Atomics, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mercedes-Benz, ON Semiconductor, Verizon and many others. Carmine is also the owner and principal of LifeCoaching.com.

For 3 years, he served as the Director of Emotional Intelligence Development Services for iPEC Coaching, a world-class coach training facility with headquarters in Shrewsbury, New Jersey and satellite offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Raleigh, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Minneapolis, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Toronto.

Additionally, Carmine was a coach training mentor responsible for facilitating skill development and mastery of the iPEC Breakthrough Coaching Model with student coaches, as well as the final examiner for all graduating students. To date he has mentored over five hundred certified coaches. He received his initial coach training and certification (CEC) from iPEC Coaching, and was certified as a PCC by the International Coach Federation in 2003, remaining a member and retaining that certification until 2008.

He was the first active, fully-accredited trainer in North America approved by Genos Pty Ltd, in association with Swinburne University of Technology, to train and certify coaches in the application of the Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment. He has been a member of the Genos Accredited Network since December 2003.

During his time with iPEC, he trained and certified over a hundred and forty professional coaches throughout the US in the use, application and delivery of the Genos EI Assessment and its associated coaching methodologies. In addition to working with his own executive clients, he has acted as project manager and mentor for these coaches, supporting them in over sixty corporate emotional intelligence development initiatives with companies across America. Carmine was also a founding member of the Elite Coach Team at The Coaching Staff and worked with them as a business coach for two years prior to accepting his position at iPEC.

Carmine was originally trained as a Polarity Therapist in California during the early 70's (under the tutelage of Dr. Randolf Stone) and subsequently spent an additional 5 years in training and 10 years in practice as a counselor. As a dedicated autodidact, at various times in his life he has been a professional musician and songwriter, a published poet and editor, an executive recruiter in the hi-tech heart of Silicon Valley, an over-the-road truck driver with a Class A CDL, a family day care provider, and a web designer specializing in search engine optimization. Carmine was a co-developer - in collaboration with Pam Leo - of the parenting workshops, "Meeting the Needs of Children" which were eventually transformed into Pam's seminal book, "Connection Parenting." He spent 3 years participating with Pam in a joint research project with the University of Maine and the Windham Correctional Center, providing content as a parenting educator working with incarcerated parents.

Carmine has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Japan, and has lived in northern India. He lives with his novelist partner Jenny and one old cat in a dilapidated 1834 New England farmhouse on 26 acres of rolling fields and woods in central Maine. He chops wood, carries water, makes tea, and admits to knowing nothing at all about zen. Some of his favorite books are:

He is an accomplished guitarist, is learning to play jazz piano, and one of his favorite websites is a collection of transformational essays by Laurence Platt. Carmine considers climate change to be the single, most pressing issue of all that faces humanity, and Holistic Management and John D. Liu's landscape regeneration as two of the most significant and comprehensive solutions to the dangers of anthropogenic global warming.

For more recommended reading and links to additional resources, please see my resources page.

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