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These days parenting practices are as controversial as religion or politics but the reality is, if we are honest with ourselves we can usually tell whether what we are doing in our family is working or not working. It can be pretty clear. Are our kids doing well? Are they happy, connected, secure? If not, then we know we need some help, even if we have no idea what that help might look like. And often it's not so cut-and-dried. Our kids do well in some ways and not in others. Bottom line is we ALL need help, support, a sounding board, someone to listen, somewhere to share what's happening without fear of judgement or criticism. We all need a safe place to talk, learn, think, explore and practice. I can help. It's one of my favorite things.

Pam and I worked closely together for years as co-developers and co-leaders of her 7-week parenting workshop called, "Meeting The Needs of Children" which eventually became the source material and content for her book, "Connection Parenting." We also spent three years participating in a joint research project with the University of Maine and the Windham Correctional Center, providing the Connection Parenting content for incarcerated parents. That project was so successful that the prison staff found funding to continue the program for another 11 years after the University research program was complete. If we want to change the world, we have to change how we are raising our children. At every stage, I have been honored and privileged to support and assist Pam in delivering her work to the world. I will continue to do so as long as I live.

I love coaching families committed to incorporating the principles of Connection Parenting into their relationships and interactions, and that includes any combination - single moms, single dads, couples, parents, grandparents, step-parents, caregivers or any combination of co-parents who are willing to do this work. There is only one requirement: you must have read or currently be reading two books - Jean Liedloff's paradigm-shifting work, "The Continuum Concept" and Pam's "Connection Parenting."

Meanwhile, here's a great intro to Pam's work. These are all brief MP3 audio files and in them we are discussing the workshop classes which became her book. This is from early 2005, so her book has been available for over a decade now and has been translated into other languages and been read by thousands of people around the world. Each class is pegged one-to-one with its appropriate book chapter. If you have any questions about the content or process, please contact me.

Introduction to Connection Parenting - Audio Interview with Pam Leo
Interviewed by yours truly: Carmine.

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If you are ready to explore Connection Parenting with me,
please contact me. I'd love to work with you.

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